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Rafting in Kaligandaki River

Trip Facts

Trip Destination:Nepal

Total Duration:0 Days


About Trip

Rafting in Kaligandaki River is not only the fun but worth remembering in lifetime. Kaligandaki River is one of popular river in the country for rafting and it is one of the frequently organized trips among the Nature Adventure Trekking and Expedition team. The name Kaligandagi was drown from the name of much respected hindu goddress Kali, in order to refer that this is one of the most violent river. Therefore, if you are wishing to have rafting in Kaligandaki river, you better get prepared at first mentally and physically and also choose the agency like Nature Adventure Trekking and Expedition which has professional river rafting guide. This river is made up of with snow melt from Mt. Dhaulagiri and flow down through beautiful tributary, where you will utmost adventure which is worth remembering in your lifetime, because while rafting down in Kaligandaki river you will not mere enjoy with a single sport you are participating in, but also enjoy with the scenic beauties, incredible and magnificient views of majestic mountain from the river surface. All these features made rafting trip in Kaligandaki river to be special one.