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Nepali Visa Information

Passport & Visa Information Nepal visa is the easiest visa to obtain; you may buy your Nepal visa at your nearest Nepalese Embassy/ Consulate or Mission offices abroad or buy this upon on arrival to Kathmandu international airport as per your convenient. You have to have 2 passport size photographs, Visa fees in US cash & valid passport…

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Nepal General Information

About Nepal Nepal is located between two-giant nations India in the south, east and west and China in the north. It is multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-culture country. According to the Census of 2001 (so far the latest one) the population of Nepal makes up of 106 castes/ethnic groups, 10 different regions and 100-mother tongues speakers. As well Nepal…

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Weather & Climate of Nepal

The climate in Nepal varies with its topography, from tropical to arctic depending upon the altitude. Terai, the plain land area, which lies in the tropical southern part of the country, for instance, is hot, humid weather. In terms of weather and climate, the middle part of country, the hilly regions are pleasant enough almost all year around, even…

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Trekking Permit and Entry Fee

Cost of trekking permits for Conservation Areas and National Parks Conservation Area or National Park 1) Annapurna Conservation Area Project (Double fee levied if permit issued from field checkpoints) Trekking entry fee (per person per entry) Foreign Nationals: NRs 2,000 SAARC Nationals: NRs 200 2) Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Trekking entry fee…

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Trekking equipment Check list

Duffle Bag Day pack Trekking boots (this should be water proof) Socks for trekking boots 3 pairs Camp shoes Gloves 1 Sleeping bag wind-Chatter Rain Coat Warm hat & Sun hat Flashlight with extra batteries & bulb water bottle Sun glass (100 U.V) Snow Goggles…

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Climbing Equipments Check List

Technical equipment: Climbing Boot Gaiter Crampon + Screw Driver Ice Axe Jumar Finger 8 (Decender) Harness Lock Carabinar (similar size) Snap Carabineer (Non Locking) Helmet 5/6 mm Rope (Prussic Slings assistant rope) Slings 25 mm tubular- Tape 600 mm loop lenth. Rock Shoes …

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Travel Insurance

It is very much essential to have travel insurance in the country of your origin. Since Nature Adventure Trekking and expedition Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible for any damage while trekking or climbing caused due to natural calamities, we recommend that you should be insured against sickness, emergency rescue, accident or hospitalization

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Safety and Security

It is safe to travel in Nepal, however trekking means all about traveling into the remote part of the country. Thus there involves possible risks of high altitude sickness, getting lost or hurt. We, the team of Nature Adventure trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is well-equipped and well-trained of the 'First Aid' in case of any incident, either that…

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Trekking Season in Nepal

I) Autumn (September - November) Autumn season is considered to be the best time for trekking in Nepal especially in the Himalayas, during the season, it offers an excellent weather and exciting mountain views. The biggest festivals of Hindu--Dashain and Tihar also fall in this season. Generally is clear and the temperature is moderate, which make good time…

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Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness also referred to be high sickness or an acute mountain sickness, is an illness that can affect mountain climbers, hikers, skiers or travelers at high altitude primarily above 2,400 m. It is caused due to a combination of reduced air pressure and lower oxygen levels at high altitudes. The faster you climb to a high altitude, the…

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