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We did 6 trekking with  Lakhbir Rai- Nature Adventure Treks

We did 6 trekking with Lakhbir Rai- Nature Adventure Treks

  • Annapurna Base camp 1998
  • Konigreich Mustang 1999
  • Nepal/ Tibet/ Kailash 2001
  • Everest Base camp/Langtang 2004
  • Upper Dolpo 2005,
  • Manaslu Trek 2008

Wir machten 6 Trekkingtouren in Nepal und Tibet mit Lakhbir Rai und mit seiner Agentur Nature Adventure-Trekking. Er war ein sehr guter kenner der trekkingstrecken,konnte die schwierigkeiten gut einschatzen und hatte eine realistische und bewaltigbare zeitliche Einteilung. Sein Verhalten war stets offen, aufgeschlossen und hoflich, nicht nur uns gegenuber, sondern auch gegenuber fremden und der einheimischen Bevolkerung.Bei plotzlichen wetter- oder wegbedingten programmanderungen zeigte er sich flexibel und der situation jederzeit gewachsen. Nie war ihm etwas zuviel, er war buchstablich Tag und Nacht fur uns einsatzbereit. Selbst nach Beendigung der Reisen stand er uns in KTM weiterhin mit Rai and Tat zur Verfugung.
Daruberhinaus bot er ein sehr gutes preis- und leistungsverhaltnis im vergleich zu anderen unternehmen.
Auch bei zusatzprogrammen- Ausflugen in KTM- valley- war er stets bemuht um bestmoglichen Service und moderate Preise. Zusammenfassend konnen wir sagen,dass wir Lakhbir Rai und Nature Adventure trekking and Expedition warmstens empfehlen konnen und wir auch jederzeit berit sind weitere Auskufte zu erteilen.

We did 6 trekking and tour in Tibet and  in Nepal with Lakhbir Rai with his agency Nature Adventure Trekking and Expedition. He was a very good judge of trekking routes, the difficulties could einschatzen well and had a realistic and bewaltigbare chronological structure. His behavior has always been open, open-minded and polite, not just to us about, but also against over foreign and domestic Bevolkerung.Bei sudden weather changes or wegbedingten program he showed himself flexible and cope with the situation at any time. Its never been a little too much, he was literally ready to use day and night for us. Even after completion of the travel, he stood us in KTM continues with Rai and indeed at your disposal.
Daruberhinaus he offered a very good price quality ratio and compared to other companies.
Even with zusatzprogrammen- Excursions in KTM Valley- he was always shall endeavor to best in service and moderate prices. In summary, we can say that we can warmly recommend Lakhbir Rai and Nature Adventure Trekking and Expedition and at last we are at any time to issue additional Berit Auskufte.

Erika und Wolfgang Grimberg
E-mail: Am Neggenborn 113
44892 Bochum
Phone(02 34)922 01-0

Erika und Wolfgang Grimberg
December 21, 2008

Dear Fellow Trekkers

Dear Fellow Trekkers

I have been on 3 tours with Nature Adventure Trekking and Expedition, led by Lakhir Rai, and each one has been excellent: Mustang Valley (Upper MustangTrekking), Annapurna Sanctuary and Ghorepani Circuit and the Everest Base Camp Route. After my first trek with Lakhbir, I returned home to find that several friends wanted me to plan a return hike that would include them. Six us of planned where we wanted to go, what we wanted to see and how far we wanted to hike daily. Lakhbir completely accommodated us to such an extent that 3 of us returned for still another trip, adding 7 friends. If you have questions about the company and/or services, please feel free to contact me at

Mary Jo Kimbrough
November 30, 2008

Everest Base Camp Trekking

Everest Base Camp Trekking

On my trip to Everest in 2004, I followed recommendations from friends to Lakhbir Rai, owner and head guide of Nature Adventure Trekking and Expedition, and would like to now pass that recommendation on. He was an outstanding guide - friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, with good language skills (English, German and French), and a fun sense of humor. He was well-known and obviously well-regarded in the region, having grown up nearby. With him, we were able to keep our itinerary open, and we often strayed from our original "plan". We were introduced to people and places we wouldnt have seen otherwise, and had an unforgettable time overall. Unless youre eager to hang out with large groups of foreigners, dont waste your money on an expensive group tour. I highly recommend Lakhbir Rai - who will work just as a guide for your trek if you like, or can set up an all-inclusive trip from the moment you arrive at the airport.

Troy Haines
December 16, 2004

Kanchenjunga Trekking 2001 and Manaslu trekking 2003 with Nature Adventure Trekking

Kanchenjunga Trekking 2001 and Manaslu trekking 2003 with Nature Adventure Trekking

Des Trekkeurs français qui se rassemblent autour de l’association « Le Toit du Monde » (Aide aux réfugiés tibétains en Inde et au Népal), souhaitent témoigner du sérieux , des compétences et des relations exceptionnelles qu’ils ont avec « Nature Adventure Trek » et particulièrement avec son responsable : Lakhbir Rai.

En 1998 Lakhbir nous a emmenés, en tant que sirdar, autour du Kanchenjunga à l’est du Népal. En 2001, manager de sa propre agence, il a préparé pour nous un voyage fabuleux au royaume du Mustang. En 2003 son équipe de guides, cuisiniers et porteurs nous a permis durant 21 jours la découverte de régions exceptionnellement belles et spectaculaires autour du massif du Manaslu, avec un passage de col à 5200m. Pour chacune de ces aventures Lakhbir Rai a toujours répondu à nos attentes et a veillé à la sécurité de tous (trekkeurs, guides, porteurs…). Le choix des parcours a permis de superbes découvertes et des temps de repos suffisants… Les cuisiniers, dans des conditions parfois difficiles, nous ont servi une nourriture de qualité… Les porteurs ont toujours bénéficié d’équipements nécessaires (beaucoup de porteurs de trek ne connaissent pas la montagne et partent sans équipement ; Lakhbir prévoit vêtements, chaussures et aussi vêtements pour la pluie et la neige) et ont été correctement rémunérés… La nature a été respectée (ramassage et élimination des déchets, utilisation de combustible amené par les porteurs pour éviter la déforestation du pays)… Les contacts avec la population ont été facilités. Nature Adventure Trek » est donc une agence avec une éthique : elle est à recommander pour les futurs trekkeurs au Népal, elle est sérieuse avec le personnel embauché, elle est respectueuse de la nature népalaise. Valérie, Christiane, Dominique (Angers) ; Annick (Vannes) ; Luc (Plancher les Mines) ; Michel (Nimes) ; Marie, Claude (Paris) ; Nicole (Nice)

Annick Dreano,
4-Avenue Delessonne
033-1-69 435402

Annick Dreano
November 16, 2003

Annapurna Circuit Trekking with Chulu West Climbing 2001

Annapurna Circuit Trekking with Chulu West Climbing 2001

Shay Nolan sincerely would like to express that in October 2001, 6 of us arrived in Kathmandu. Our deep intention was to climb Chulu West a (6419m.) peak in the Annapurna region. To support us on this expedition we were fortunate enough to meet Lakhbir Rai from Nature adventure trekking (P) LTD.
Within two days of our arrival every thing - food, porters, permits, equipment and transport was efficiently organized. For the entire expedition the staff and porters were attentive, professional and friendly. Catering was always up to date for our every need.
While at base camp one member became seriously ill and had to be evacuated from Manang to Kathmandu by helicopter. Because of Nature adventure trekkings professional manner in which this operation was conducted, this person lived to tell the tale.
For our success and safety, we are very grateful to Nature adventure trekking and it’s staff for their expertise and dedication. We assure to every one that this is one of the best, dedicated, professional organizations.
We owe them a lot and recommend them warmly to all climbers and trekkers who visit them and their beautiful country.

Phone. No. 35340444912

Shay Nolan
December 16, 2001

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