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Canoeing in Nepal

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Trip Destination:Nepal

Total Duration:0 Days


About Trip

Canoeing in Nepal has been one another adventure sports in the country. The canoeing sport in white-water of the country has been of the popular across the world. Ther are over 1,300 streams and rivers directly fed by snow melt down from the majestic mountains, where you can organize a number of exciting sports including canoeing, therefore why thousands of travelers make it to Nepal every year for having canoing.

Nepal's rivers are regarded to be one the best rivers in Asia for having canoing and it is obvious that canoing in white-water is possible only here in Nepal, as a number of rivers rushing down from the majestic mountain towering above the stunning hills and valley. You will be able to find the fond every where, in the mountain, you will be amazed with the water fountains, where as in the hills you can have fishing and swimming, whereas in the valley, you can organize a number of other sports apart from canoing, such as rafting, swimming, fishing, and boating to name a few. With these all the features Nepal has been an ultimate destination from across the world for canoing sport. Nature Adventure Trekking and Expedition team has long been organizing canoing trip in Nepal, thus, if you wish to have adventure sport like Canoeing, please feel free to contact us in an advance.