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Rock Climbing in Nepal

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Trip Destination:Nepal

Total Duration:0 Days


About Trip

Rock climbing here in Nepal has been one of the thrilling sports in recent days, since this is the country of full of rocks and sloppy hills. This sort of sport primarily suits to those who wish to take challenge of climbing straight rocks, crawling up cliffs with the help of their fingernails.

There are some terrific, dizzying places for providing you the adventure sport, like rock climbing in order to make you preparation for climbing higher peaks in the country. There are a number of such spots located in Kathmandu valley alone, such as Nagarjun, Shivapuri watershed, and wildlife reserve. The rock climbing trip can be combined with bird-watching or simply hiking trips.
Nagarjun is a forested hill situated to the northwest of the Swayambhunath Stupa. The climbing cliff here is located inside the Nagarjun Royal Forest and is suitable for both beginners and well-experienced rock climbers. There are limestone faces which are about 10-12 meters high and there are several piton-equipped routes, in order you to find the ways to get to the top, while, as aforementioned, another interesting rock for climbing is located in Shivapuri hill, which is situated to the north of Kathmandu valley. The stonework faces here lie scattered about the big cliff in the center are equipped with a single route. The rock climbing trip is one the short trip organized by Nature Adventure Trekking and Expedition team.