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Motor biking tour in Nepal

Trip Facts

Trip Destination:Nepal

Total Duration:0 Days


About Trip

Motor biking tour in Nepal is one of the exciting and popular adventurous trips. The trip offers you incredible mountain scenery, the trail takes you through lush forest where you will have an opportunity to explore the endangered species of birds and animals, various species of flora and fauna, explore diverse culture, lifestyles of various ethnic groups residing in the valley. you will cross through stunning terraced field, cultural and religious sites which are full of ancient arts and architecture. Nature Adventure Trekking and Expedition primarily arranges the motor biking tour in the remote areas, so that you will have an ample of opportunity to explore the incredible landscapes, sightseeing and bird-watching tour, and range of other adventurous trips.

Motor biking tour suits primarily for those who are willing to delve into the rural lifestyle, explore a great view of ever green forest of the Himalayan region, beautiful landscapes, age old tradition with a number of cultural and religious sites, with these all the features, motor biking tour is one of the most loved, popular and exciting trips in Nepal.